Lirik Lagu BTS Make It Right Feat Lauv

I could make it better
I could hold you tighter
Cause through the morning
Oh you’re the light

And I almost lost ya
But I can’t forget ya
Cause you were the reason that I survived

You were there for me through all the times I cried
I was there for you but the I lost my mind
I know that I messed up but I promise I
Oh oh
I can make it right

All right
All right
Oh I can make it right
All right
All right
Oh I can make it right

I sesang sog-e yeong-ung-i doen na
Naleul chajneun keun hwanhowa
Nae son, teulopiwa geumbich maikeu
All day, everywhere
But modeun ge neoege dahgi wiham-in geol
Nae yeojeong-ui dab-in geol
Neol chajgi wihae nolaehae
Baby to you

Jeonboda jogeum deo keojin kie
Jom deo dandanhaejin mogsolie
Modeun geon nege dol-agagi wihae
Ije neolaneun jidoleul hwaljjag pyeolchilge
My rehab
Nal bwa wae mos al-abwa
Namdeul-ui auseong ttawi na deudgo sipji anh-a
Neoui hyang-gineun yeojeonhi naleul kkwettulh-eo muneotteulyeo
Doedol-agaja geuttaelo

Baby I know
I can make it better
I can hold you tighter
Geu modeun gil-eun neol
Hyanghan geoya

Da soyong-eobs-eoss-eo
Neo anin daleun geon
Geuttaecheoleom nal eolumanjyeojwo

Kkeutdo boiji anhdeon yeong-won-ui bam
Naege achim-eul seonmulhan geon neoya
Ije geu son naega jab-ado doelkka
Oh oh
I can make it right



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